Thursday, 11 October 2018

Mark Roman’s Sci-Fi Shorts

by Mark Roman and Corben Duke

The dynamic duo (who, according to the blurb, “collaborate entirely by the exchange of e-mails and insults”) return with a much shorter and, dare I say, better book than The Worst Man on Mars. And no, I didn’t buy this book either: it was a freebie, so I don’t (and shouldn’t) feel shortchanged.

Thirteen humorous sci-fi stories telling of the man who saved the world (kind of), and the man who didn’t, the laptop that discovered it is self-aware, the weird message from Outer Space, and the spur-of-the-moment decision that doomed Mankind.
Well those thirteen do contain The Rovers Return which is really a chapter of TWMOM (it was shortlisted in the Short Story Category of the Yeovil Literary Prize 2014 and, indeed, works as a standalone short) and five very short shorts. None of which fall short of the Mark or Corben. All readable just in one short beach afternoon.

My, there’s no shortage of “short” in this text.

Mark Roman’s Sci-Fi Shorts

  1. The Man Who Saved the World (Kind Of)
  2. The Rovers Return
  3. Bad Call
  4. We’re Back!
  5. I, Laptop
  6. Farther Christmas
  7. Changes
    Short Shorts: 100-word Stories
    1. Dragon Slayer
    2. A Nice New Home
    3. Recognition
    4. The Magic Sword
    5. And Then There Were...
  1. The Visitor