Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Live music in Santander and beyond, June—July 2018

It’s summer, and I’m back to Santander!

  • 13 June: Edu Andérez Trio @ Rvbicón, Calle del Sol 4, Santander
      Edu Andérez (guitars), Antonio Romero (bass guitar) and Luis Escalada de Cabo (drums) play music of, or influenced by, Charlie Haden, Pat Metheny, Ralph Towner, David Cullen, Alex de Grassi and Terje Rypdal.

  • 20 June: The Boogies & The Bugas @ Rvbicón
      A sextet formed in 2017 in Santander featuring Oriana Carreña (vocal), Tatiana Ramírez (vocal), Patu Campos (vocal), Rafael Santana (piano), Toño Gutiérrez (double bass) and Rodri Irizábal (drums). They play a charming mix of boogie woogie and swing, with repertoire ranging from I Got Rhythm to I Will Survive.

  • San Juan Night, 23 to 24 June: Freedonia @ Leioa (Lejona), Basque Country
      This is the third time I see Freedonia and they just get better and better.

  • 7 July: Corcoré Trio @ Bluemoon, Savieja 9, Loredo, Cantabria
      My first time ever in Bluemoon Loredo and no disappointment. Felipe Borja ‘Popín’ (piano), Antonio Romero (bass) and Rubén Pérez (percussion) treated us to some fine flamenco jazz fusion.

  • 18 July: Juan Sebastián Trio @ Rvbicón
      Juan Sebastián returns to Rvbicón (last time I saw him here last September) accompanied by Rubén Carlés (bass) and Dani Dominguez (drums). The trio plays the themes from the forthcoming album — I am looking forward to it!

  • 22 July: Música para un espacio de Renzo Piano @ Centro Botín
      The sitting area was “by invitation only” (I’ve never learned how to procure those invitations for free events at Centro Botín), but I and other free music lovers found place on the stairs and balconies of the building designed by the very Renzo Piano.

      Ensemble del Encuentro Música y Academia, directed by Fabián Panisello, opened the concert with Schönberg’s Kammersymphonie. It was followed by Domaines for solo clarinet by Pierre Boulez, performed by Ferran Arbona. Ensemble del Encuentro returned to play Luciano Berio’s Folk Songs for mezzo-soprano (Beatriz Oleaga) and seven instruments. I enjoyed this last part the most; the audience, apparently, too. Oleaga and the band played the Azerbaijan Love Song as an encore.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Yuri’s 21st

Here are seven analogue-era, “made in Britain” photos taken in different years by Tamara.



Cromer, 1998

Yuri and Timur, Saffron Walden, 2000

Autumn in Cardiff


Peak District, 2006

And this video I found on my old netbook before taking it to Cash Converters.

Aarhus (back then Århus), 2009