A week or so after my last work day, which happened to be on 27 February 2009, I took the last few boxes of assorted stuff and junk from my former office. I would leave it there to gather dust for longer but my former office was about to move to portakabin. The stuff consisted of (mainly) books, CDs, a few DVDs, old bass strings, some photos... Our friends were coming to stay for a couple of weeks in March so I felt it was about a right time to organise my CDs (in other words, taking them off the floor and other surfaces) and books (well, those still form some sort of leaning tower in the corner). Then I thought that I may as well start writing something about them. So: books, music, movies...

Those who, like me, was around since late 1960s, probably know what Listen, Learn, Read On is (the song that opens The Book of Taliesyn album by Deep Purple) and, by extension, may guess what kind of music I was grown on. However, the purpose of this blog is to document, mostly for myself, what I am listening to (music), what I am reading (books), and what, if anything, I am learning as a result. Now.

Book of Taliesyn [Vinyl]