Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Villa Lucia Chianti Riserva DOCG 2004

Just finished this great bottle of wine — and it feels good. I am always fascinated by people who can discern in wine the flavours other than grape. But, since I can’t do it, I declare that this is a load of malarkey. Wine cannot and should not taste of strawberry or vanilla or chocolate or any other ice cream flavours. Here’s a proof, if you need one. The label on the bottle says:

Il nostro Chianti Riserva è ottenuto grazie ad una attenta scelta delle migliori cuvées, successivamente affinate in botte e bottiglia per ottenere un Chianti che esprima le grandi doti di questo storico uvaggio. La Riserva di Villa Lucia si presenta complesso negli aromi, morbido e speziato al gusto con un tocco finale di fragola e pepe nero; si accosta egregiamente a tutta la migliore cucina.
Our specially blended Chianti Riserva reveals a great depth of dark chocolate and black cherry. Two years of oak ageing and further bottle ageing add complex aroma and refined finish. Superb with grilled meats and vegetables or pasta in a rich tomato sauce. Room temperature is suggested.
Now, if you forgive me stating the obvious: the English text is not a translation of the Italian one. Most likely they are written by two different “experts”. On the other hand, if I were paid to write labels like this, I’d have to write something. Wait, I’ve got a source, at least for an English-speaking wine drinker:
Pleasantly scented, very agreeable
Full bodied, with great character
See? Now I need an Italian version and I’m sorted.

More photos of red wine @ Shutterstock.

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