Friday, 24 September 2010

SBB Anthology 1974—2004

by SBB

I don’t think there ever will be such thing as “complete SBB recordings on CD”, for the legendary Polish prog-rock band was truly a prolific one. Even so, this fabulous box set is the most comprehensive account of the first 30 years of SBB’s recording history one can get. And luckily, I’ve got it as a birthday gift: #346 of a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies. Contrary to the description, there are not one but twenty-two CDs, plus a booklet containing brief history of SBB by Józef Skrzek and Michał Wilczyński (in Polish and English). Here’s the complete CD list:

  1. SBB
  2. Nowy Horyzont
  3. Pamięć
  4. Ze słowem biegnę do Ciebie
  5. Wołanie o brzęk szkła
  6. Jerzyk
  7. Follow My Dream
  8. Amiga Album
  9. Welcome
  10. Memento z banalnym tryptykiem
  11. Live 1993
  12. Live in America ’94
  13. Absolutely Live ’98
  14. W filharmonii: Akt 1
  15. W filharmonii: Akt 2
  16. Goodbye/The Golden Harp
  17. Karlstad — Live ’75
  18. Budai Ifjusagi Park — Live ’77
  19. Nastroje
  20. Göttingen, Alte Ziegelei ’77
  21. Sikorki
  22. Wicher w polu dmie

The CDs are in cute cardboard sleeves, most of which look almost exactly as the original vinyl sleeves. The difference is, there is quite a lot of bonus material. For instance, Wołanie o brzęk szkła LP (the only SBB vinyl I ever owned) contained two 20-minute tracks, each taking a side; CD5 has almost 40 minutes of extra music. The last two CDs, Sikorki and Wicher w polu dmie, never existed as LPs and contain previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1973—1975, with guest appearances of Tomasz Stańko (trumpet), Tomasz Szukalski (soprano and tenor saxes), Jan Błędowski (violin) and Andrzej Przybielski (trumpet). Highly recommended.

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