Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Super Bass Solo Technique

by Victor Wooten

The electric bass legend Victor Wooten definitely has super bass solo technique, but I guess you wouldn’t be able to pick much of it from this DVD. As a lesson it is next to useless if you are anywhere below advanced level. To be precise, Wooten demonstrates two techniques: double-thump slapping and two-hand tapping, both of which I hope to master one day, but I guess I can find better material on YouTube.

Musically, it is top-notch stuff, and the backing band is amazing, especially Victor’s brother Regi who apparently is doing double-thumping on his guitar. I’d love to see more of that; however, the camera is focusing on Victor most of the time. The video was shot back in early 1990s, which explains the low-resolution picture and strange angles.

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