Saturday, 18 February 2012

Agua pa’ la Tierra

by Canteca de Macao

By their third album, Canteca de Macao perfected their trademark flamenco/punk/reggae/ska fusion sound: less ska/punk, more fusion and memorable melodies.

The CD is shorter than the band’s previous offering, and a good thing too: not “simply” great songs (I know, I know, there’s nothing simple about that) but the whole album glues together. There also is a “hidden” anonymous bonus track, which I suspect is called Agua pa’ la Tierra. As is the case with most bonus tracks, it is quite disposable.

The DVD contains (excerpts from) the concert on 8 September 2007, and two “official” videoclips, Bellas and Contigo. I love the music (coming from the band’s first two albums) but the video of the live performance could have been so much better — image, camerawork, sound, everything. Still, it is worth checking out, if only for the last song Moliendo Café with guests Alamedadosoulna. Don’t watch if offended by hairy armpits.

  1. Música
  2. Se va y no vuelve
  3. Vida de Carretera
  4. Green Yin
  5. Caños
  6. Agatea
  7. Madrizz
  8. Paco
  9. Jazzmín
  10. El atonte del vino
  11. Así es la vida
  12. La Lumbre
  13. Bonus Track
Concierto Circo Price (Madrid)
8 septiembre 2007
  1. Backstage
  2. No llores
  3. La rabia
  4. Bellas
  5. Chistosos
  6. Sin solución
  7. Qué pasa?!
  8. Contigo
  9. Alternativa libertaria
  10. Despedida (con Alamedadosoulna)
Videoclip “Bellas”
Videoclip “Contigo”

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