Thursday, 4 April 2013


by ДДТ

It’s been a while since I was listening to a new (for me) DDT album. It’s been even whiler since I’ve enjoyed it that much.

Now DDT always has had my utmost respect. No matter what, you can rest assured that the band delivers — “доставляет”, as they say in Russia nowadays. Yet somehow in the early noughties I lost interest. The last recordings from that time that I heard, Единочество, left me wondering if Yuri Shevchuk lost interest too.

Enter Иначе (2011). While I was not looking, the line-up has changed beyond recognition. Apart from Shevchuk, the only familiar names are those of drummer Igor Dotsenko and saxophonist Mikhail Chernov, who appear only on two songs (Пустота and Встреча). This is an entirely different band, which sounds, well, different. Иначе. I don’t care much of synthesizer but I love the horn section. And vocalist Alena Romanova. A young band, with a new will to fight.

At 67 minutes, it is a long album. I’d say it could have been a great album if they left a couple songs out. My favourite tracks are Проводник, a poem read by Shevchuk; Noise № 2 composed and sung by Romanova; and Песня о свободе — a proof that DDT is still DDT, and that there is still hope for Russia left.


  1. Noise № 1 (Константин Шумайлов)
  2. Родившимся этой ночью
  3. Солнечный свет
  4. Эй, ты, кто ты
  5. Пустота
  6. Кризис
  7. Проводник
  8. Напиши мне, напиши
  9. Встреча
  10. За тобой пришли
  11. Новая Россия
  12. Noise № 2 (Алёна Романова)
  13. Песня о времени
  14. Когда ты была здесь
  15. Песня о свободе
  16. Юго-Западный ветер

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