Saturday, 21 September 2013

Fantasiatango 2

by Johanna Juhola

I’m still to listen to Juhola’s 2010 record, Fantasiatango. In the meantime, I got hold of Fantasiatango 2. My it’s good. Very different from her debut album, Miette, and probably as good. (The more I listen to Miette, the more I like it. Let’s see.) As the name suggests, it is mostly tango, with numerous twists. I like these little descriptions for the songs:

Summer is my religion. I run outside into the tropical night. Winter can’t catch me, no sir! I don’t want antidepressants; just give me some of that Vitamin D – light therapy! (Bipolär tango / Bipolar Tango)
It’s –32 °C: the wind whips my face and snow blankets the streets, the cars and my thoughts. I want to be under a palm tree. Time for a last-minute departure to Tenerife! (Etelän kaipuu / Longing for the South)
I start to suspect that she’s a tad unhappy with Finnish weather.

Bipolär tango, featuring Swedish rapper Promoe: I don’t understand a word but who cares, it’s great anyway.

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