Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ina Forsman with Helge Tallqvist Band

by Ina Forsman and Helge Tallqvist Band

I may have learned very little Finnish (I mean language), but I did learn about many other Finnish things. That includes something that does not sound Finnish at all. It’s ... blues!

But it is Finnish all right. Watch this video and you’ll see why.

Featuring a large house in the middle of nowhere; a man in overalls and dirty wellies; a tractor; and, of course, a femme fatale... On the sunny side of Finland, mademoiselle chante le blues.

This and other terrific renditions of blues classics can be heard on the album released in 2013 by Q-Records. (I never heard of this label before and still cannot find out much about it.) As one could expect, the physical album is not available on Amazon (only MP3). To get the real thing (the CD looking like a mini-vinyl replica, even the readable surface is black!), shop elsewhere.

Now listen to it. There is a chance that you’ll be listening with your mouth open, as I did. Luckily, nobody was watching. (If you really need to know, I was replacing the stones in the sauna at the time.) After that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ina Forsman & Helge Tallqvist Band will represent Finland at this year’s European Blues Challenge in Riga, 11—12 April 2014.

Ina Forsman with Helge Tallqvist Band

  1. Something’s Got a Hold on Me (Pearl Woods/Leroy Kirkland/Etta James)
  2. What Have I Done (Samuel “Magic Sam” Maghett)
  3. Queen Bee (James “Slim Harpo” Moore)
  4. 5-10-15 Hours (Rudy Toombs)
  5. I’d Rather Go Blind (Ellington Jordan/Billy Foster)
  6. That’s All I Need (S. Maghett)
  7. Got Love If You Want It (J. Moore)
  8. I Got Trouble (Christina Aguilera/Linda Perry)
  9. He Belongs To Me (Maghett/Al Benson)
  10. Number 9 Train (Bobby Robinson)
  11. Willie and The Hand Jive (Johnny Otis)
  12. All I Could Do Was Cry (Billy Davis/Berry Gordy/Gwen Gordy)
  13. What Have I Done Wrong (S. Maghett)
  14. Every Night About This Time (Fats Domino/Dave Bartholomew)
  15. Slow Walk (Sil Austin/Irving Siders/Connie Moore) / Honky Tonk (Billy Butler/Bill Doggett/Clifford Scott/Shep Shepherd)
    Ina Forsman: vocals
    Helge Tallqvist: harmonica
    Jonne Kulluvaara: guitar
    Iiro Kautto: bass
    Harri Ala-Kojola: drums
    Songs 1 & 7:
    Tomi Leino: guitar
    Jaska Prepula: bass
    Mikko Peltola: drums

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