Saturday, 26 April 2014


by Timur Kulikov

An absolutely fantastic work. This is what Timur says:

Another idea for a movie. Haven’t thought of a name yet but I’ve thought of the story. After an evil alchemist killed half the people in the kingdom, five people were sent to bring him to justice. The currently dead guy and the four guys with their backs turned. From left to right: a human alchemist, a gargoyle, a mercenary of a race that have one eye on the front and another on the back, a mushroom man who mainly carries stuff and fights when the group is endangered. Currently the four-armed one has had his soul expelled and they’re using a spell triggered by music to get him back.
Of course, there is more to it. Who are the guys who face us? (I like the guitarist.) What is this place? Who are the dark figures on the top? You think about it.


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