Saturday, 21 March 2015

Live Clams The Clams live

Once again, El Almacén de Little Bobby brings to Santander another great outfit I’ve never heard of before. This is, I imagine, how The Commitments should have sounded if they were an all-girl band. So, what’s on a menu? A healthy portion of soul, rock’n’roll and blues standards and the band’s own songs well worthy of the classics, all served with great sense of humour. To start with, the charming madrileñas (that’s right) bear the same surname. As befits the true soul sisters. The three frontladies, Aída Clam (lead vocal), Almu Clam (trumpet and vocals), Patri Clam (trombone and vocals) were doing almost a cabaret act. The Clams made the audience to sing and dance and laugh and forget about the usual (that is, horrible) weather outside.

After the show, I had a chat with the lead singer and asked if, by any chance, they’ve got any CDs for sale. She said, yesterday we were playing in León and all were sold out. But wait, she said, let me check, we may have one or two left. In fact there was one, which was given to me as a gift. Which was very nice.

Tonight’s line-up: Aída Clam (lead vocal), Almu Clam (trumpet and vocals), Henar Clam (guitar), Marina Clam (bass), Maylin Clam (drums and vocals) and Patri Clam (trombone and vocals).

Tonight’s playlist (photo taken with kind permission of the band).

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