Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Thousand Words

a film by Ted Chung

Today there was a play in my school presented by the primaria children. It consisted of short tales/fables. One of them was about Pandora’s box (originally, as I just have learned, it was a jar, but thanks to Erasmus of Rotterdam we are stuck with the box). Of course, the moral of the story is that nosiness is bad. That’s what I was taught in school too. But I never really believed it.

So I’d like to present a story that argues otherwise. A few weeks ago, I used the Film English lesson plan built around a short film called On Time. My students liked it a lot. We spent some time discussing it and predicting what could happen next.

Then I got intrigued and looked up other films of Ted Chung: Mike’s and A Thousand Words. I think the latter is the best film of the three. No words, no contact. Yet. Chung prefers to leave a lot unsaid.

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