Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Amor en tiempos de Ikea

by Nadine O’Garra

According to the artist’s website,

Love in Times of IKEA is a solo performance, created and performed by Nadine O’Garra, a circus—theatre multimedia—monologue piece, in the form of vertical dance and video projections.
I actually did not read this description before going to Café de Las Artes Teatro and so did not know what to expect. Some sort of circus performance maybe? I liked the name and went anyway.

It turned out to be part acrobatics, part stand-up comedy. This second part was the best. There were not too much existential revelations, not to me at least, but I did find it funny, if not hilarious throughout, and Nadine was charming. I was surprised how short the performance was (only about 30 minutes), but short is better than long, and I doubt there could be enough IKEA-related funny material for, say, a 90-minute show.

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