Thursday, 24 March 2016


an animation series by Deiniol Morris and Michael Mort

The first time I saw an episode of Gogs was some 20 years ago, in Leeds, during LIFF. It was an evening of British animated films featuring, among others, Achilles and A Close Shave. At the time, I didn’t know much about Wales, so for me it was like a revelation: Gogs were Welsh!

In 2000s, I bought the DVD. Our kids practically grew on them, so I forgot what effect they could have on a fresh audience. Last year, on my penultimate day in Liencres, I did show my 5-year-olds a couple of episodes — only to be totally ignored. I couldn’t understand what’s wrong with those kids. Wasn’t it gross or violent enough for them? Then again, it took a while to introduce them to Simon’s Cat, which they eventually demanded daily.

Last week, it was a turn of my sixth-graders. On the last day before the Easter break they were clearly not in a mood for science. To my delight, their reaction was exactly what I was hoping for.

¡Qué asco!
Yes, my dears. If I don’t teach you a bit of British culture, who will?

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