Sunday, 10 July 2016

Buscando a Dory

a film by Andrew Stanton

Timur wanted to watch this film and we all joined in. Normally, I wouldn’t expect a sequel to be better than the original but this was exactly the case. I didn’t care much about Nemo or his overprotective dad, but I always liked Dory. It was a love from the first trailer. Sometimes I wish to be like Dory, unencumbered with too much memories and happy at that.

Sure enough, the film is not just family but also environment-friendly as it freely recycles ideas not just from Finding Nemo but also other Pixar creations (e.g. Hank the octopus, in words of Timur, “does the Randall thing”). But who cares.

This is the first Pixar film I watched in Spanish from beginning to the end (almost — it seems that we missed the post-credits scene. Well that can happen when credits are endless) and I really liked the translation.

Hola, soy Dory. Sufro pérdidas de memoria a corto plazo.

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