Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Oi Va Voi live

I like to think I’m stronger now
Victim of common sense
The truth is that I know I still
Confuse the past with the present tense
Condensing what we had
To a single frame
That sticks in my mind
When I try to move on
The same image comes back every time

Just back from Oi Va Voi gig at The Junction. I first saw them at the same place almost two years ago. The band, fronted by the (beautiful) singer Bridgette Amofah and the (stunning) violinist Anna Phoebe, is as good as back then, but the programme is mostly based on their latest album, Travelling The Face Of The Globe. (Amazingly, they even were selling the vinyl in the foyer.) From new songs, S’brent (sung in Yiddish by Amofah) was my favourite. Even though the new album, as a whole, is more consistent than the previous two, it was material from their first album, Laughter Through TearsYesterday’s Mistakes, Gypsy, Ladino Song and, of course, (encore!) Refugee — where the band was especially shining and the audience went wild... well, by Cambridge standards anyway. The instrumental Crimea just has to be seen live.

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