Saturday, 20 February 2010

Go West, Hard Luck & The Scarecrow

three films by Buster Keaton

Go West (1925) is the best (and only one) movie about a friendship between a man and a cow. For the most part, it is rather slow-going. By the end, however, it becomes delightfully silly. Dressed as a red devil, Keaton leads a herd of 1000 cattle and quite a few policemen through the streets of Los Angeles.

In Hard Luck (1921), Buster tries to commit suicide — needless to say, he does not succeed. An oddly charming short film. At some point Buster promises to catch an armadillo; curiously, the said animal is never mentioned again.

At 19 minutes, The Scarecrow (1920) is the shortest and arguably the best of the three films here. The breakfast scene in the one-room house full of gadgets is incredible.

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