Sunday, 7 February 2010

More LilyPond

The LilyPond Snippet Repository (LSR) is a database created by Sebastiano Vigna of the University of Milano. It contains LilyPond snippets, i.e. “small examples, short and to the point, that show a particular feature or a hack”. For example, here is a snippet explaining how to add fingering to a score. Which is easy: you just place dash and a number of the finger after the note!

Unfortunately I have not found the “correct” way to indicate trombone slide positions on a score, but why not to use the fingering notation instead? Here’s a file for the B♭ Major scale:
\version "2.12.3"
\score {
 \new Staff
 \clef bass
 \key bes \major
  bes,1-1 c1-6 d1-4 ees1-3 f1-1 g1-4 a1-2 bes1-1
 \layout {
   \context {
     \remove "Time_signature_engraver"
     \remove "Bar_engraver"
When I run LilyPond on this file, it complains:
Warning: Fingering notation for finger number 6
  bes,1-1 c1
            -6 d1-4 ees1-3 f1-1 g1-4 a1-2 bes1-1
(apparently, it is not quite happy with finger numbers more than five), but I still get what I want:

B♭ Major Scale

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