Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Crossed Wires

by Rosy Thornton

Mina is working in a call centre in Sheffield. Peter is a lecturer in Cambridge. They are both single parents, but that is where the common ground pretty much ends. For them to become (eventually) romantically involved after Peter files his claim with Autocare Direct Motor Insurance is a bit far-fetched. This is England, after all.

But Crossed Wires is a fairy tale, and there’s nothing wrong with fairy tales. And this is a good one. I only wish Mina did not sound at times as if she too is a Cambridge don.

‘I’ve come to see Dr Kendrick,’ she said.
Do you have an appointment? She was certain he would ask it, and if he did she’d decided to walk away and never come back. But instead his face divided into a wide grin.
‘Do I hear a sound of my home town, there? Sheffield, is it?’
She noded, grinning too. ‘Intake. You?’
‘Really? My friend Debbie lives there.’
‘All the best people do.’
Crossed Wires

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