Sunday, 18 July 2010

Liverpool Brazilian Carnival 2010

This weekend, 17—18 July 2010, small (but beautifully formed) Arco Iris made it to the Liverpool Brazilian Carnival. This time, we had five caixas and four timbas but only one rep and one bell. Well we did rise to the challenge!

Saturday evening, AI (and quite a few of other samba schools) were parading through the city centre for about two hours, ending in China Town. (Good thing that before the parade we went for an early dinner in La Viña tapas restaurant. Mmmmm. Another good thing, it was not raining for a change.) Naturally, the night gig provided an opportunity to try out my new light-up drumsticks.

Today, we played two 20-minute sets (12:30 and 3:00) at St Luke’s “bombed out” church. I think by the last set we sounded the best. “Ladies and gentlemen, all way down from Cambridge — Arco Iris!”

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