Friday, 19 November 2010

de lo Flamenco in Corralejo

I was torn between the choices yesterday: shall I go to see de lo Flamenco at Blue Jazz Bar or Reggae Revolution at Waikiki? As it happened, I managed to visit both. This particular incarnation of de lo Flamenco comprises:
  • a la guitarra: Marco Carrasco
  • al cante: Rafael Carrasco
  • al baile: Anna Villacampa
Now in any decent-sized European city people would come in hundreds and pay good money to see the show. As it were, yesterday’s concert was free and there were about twenty us spectators. At some point, de lo Flamenco left their tiny stage and came to play, sing and dance in the middle of the audience. It was absolutely awesome. When I am back to proper bandwidth, I will try to upload somewhere a few short video snippets of the show. (There are several videos at their YouTube channel but, as far as I can see, none features the Carrasco brothers.)

The reggae “evening” with Michael (Cuba) and Smoka Smoka Sound System (Italy) did not start until after midnight, so I even had time for dinner at Waikiki. It was not bad at all (I mean reggae, and food as well), but I was too tired to stay till the end.

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