Friday, 5 November 2010

Five-string Electric Upright Bass

by Jon Shuker

Back in 2004, I was looking for a British maker of electric upright basses and came across several excellent reviews of Shuker instruments. At the time, Shuker was making two models of EUB, both of them now discontinued. I think they were codenamed Up1 and Up2. I went to Sheffield to see Jon in his workshop and discuss the specification. Here it is (I looked it up in an email from July 2004):

  • Five-string Up2
  • 36″ scale
  • Five-piece laminate neck (African walnut / sycamore veneer) — black or white veneer
  • Ebony true upright board
  • Figured wood facings (flamed maple)
  • Matching wood facings for headstock and control cavity cover
  • Edge fretlines and position dots
  • Two way adjustable truss rod
  • Gotoh GB70 tuners
  • Ebony nut
  • Schertler transducer system
  • Three-band equaliser
  • Clear finish, satin lacquer
  • Stand/fittings
The instrument was ready in early 2005. It was fitted with D’Addario Helicore Orchestral bass ¾ scale medium tension strings, including H616 (low B) string (the bass is tuned B-E-A-D-G). Moreover, Jon put the bass in a padded bag specially made-to-measure by some small company. It is the coolest upright bass I have ever seen, not to mention owned. (Well it is the only upright bass you have ever owned. — I told you not to mention it.)

More photos of electric upright bass @ Shutterstock.

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