Thursday, 28 February 2013

Формула любви

a film by Mark Zakharov

Although Формула любви (1984) did not quite reach the level of Zakharov’s 1978 masterpiece Обыкновенное чудо, it is a great work nonetheless. Gennady Gladkov composed the score for both pictures, but it was the latter film that spawned an unexpected hit.

Mare bella donna,
E’ un bel canzone,
Sai, che ti amo, sempre amo.
Donna bella mare,
Credere, cantare,
Dammi il momento,
Che mi piace più!
Uno, uno, uno, un momento,
Uno, uno, uno sentimento,
Uno, uno, uno complimento
E sacramento, sacramento, sacramento...

Un momento performed by Jacob (Aleksandr Abdulov) and Margadon (Semyon Farada); words, music and actual singing by Gladkov. According to Russian Wikipedia, the text of the song (just like any text) still had to be approved by the censors and therefore was promptly translated from pseudo-Italian to Russian.

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