Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Steinbach Tenor Trombone STT-100S

by Musik Steinbach

When we stayed in London last Summer, I visited several music shops looking for a second-hand trombone. No such luck: I had a problem to find even a first-hand trombone. In Enfield, the shop assistant told me: “There’s no much demand for them... in this area”. True, I did not do my homework. Probably I could find an affordable second-hand instrument if I started to look a few months before the travel. But I never do that.

Back to Fuerteventura, which I already knew to be largely trombone-free, I ordered this horn via for €141. A bargain, even with postage and packing (another €23). Then, I was not exactly happy that our own Canarian post office charged me further 30 euros, but I had no choice. At least and at last, I got it.

Good thing that STT-100S comes in an ABS hard case. Which, by the way, arrived with a cracked corner, but nobody would tell me when did that happen. I was not going to send it back anyway. For the time being, I mended it with duct tape.

The trombone itself so far feels decent enough. I was about to write “decent student model” but realised that I only played one trombone before, and it also wasn’t a pro model. Made in GDR, of all places. Methinks that Steinbach has a slightly duller tone, or, if we are optimists, that the GDR horn had a brighter tone. On the other hand, mine is lighter and looks nicer. That’s important!

In case you are thinking of buying one: Steinbach does not have them any longer. Ausverkauft. Nicht lieferbar. When I was ordering mine, there were only two instruments left. They have a similar model, with very good reviews, but it is not silver-plated.

More trombone photos @ Shutterstock.

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