Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Habadekuk @ The Junction

If walking in the rain while looking for a cow- and cow-patty-free patch of grass sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon, then May Bumps (so called because it happens in June) could be your cup of Pimm’s. Last Saturday, I walked along the river from the Cambridge city centre all the way to Chesterton in a hope to catch a glimpse of actual races. The picnickers’ accents were becoming increasingly posh until I felt that I was trespassing. By that time it was really pouring, so I turned back. I suspect the rowers were starting to feel miserable too.

The evening concert of Danish outfit Habadekuk at The Junction turned out to be far more pleasant — if pricier — affair. Man they are awesome. I can imagine them filling a decent-sized venue, say, in London. Yet, just as on so many occasions before, J2 was shamefully empty. The band did their best to involve the audience in dancing and singing, but the critical mass was clearly lacking. Shall I deduce that this backwater of Cambridge is simply not ready for Danish polka?

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