Friday, 14 June 2013

Pick Me Up: a Sketch Show

by Lowell Belfield, Jason Forbes, Ryan O’Sullivan, George Potts and Ahir Shah

Yesterday, on suggestion of my friend, colleague and bandmate Sergio, I went to see this show at Cambridge ADC Theatre.

This is perhaps the funniest and cleverest sketch show I’ve ever seen in English theatre. (Well I don’t go to theatre very often. So what. It does not make the show less funny or clever.) But how to describe it? The early Monty Python, but more coherent? The English version of Kharms! Charms! Shardam! of the Moscow Hermitage Theatre? Forget it: you have to see these guys live. If you are in Cambridge, you still can go to the show tomorrow, 15 June, at 11 pm (!) — better get your drinks before. Or catch it in August at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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