Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Now What?!

by Deep ?urp!e

Back in olden days, Deep Purple Mark II were recording seven-track long albums (that includes Made in Japan and Scandinavian Nights, still seven songs each) and I thought that every single track was great while every album was a masterpiece. Wait. I still think so. But that was in the 1970s. The band has moved on.

In spite of the name, Now What?! is not a bad record. It is just does not glue as an album. Which is a crying shame because it has some damn good material there. Maybe they should have chosen seven best tracks out of eleven? Smokey-bluesy Blood from a Stone, hilariously gothic Vincent Price, eclectic Uncommon Man all definitely should be there. And Hell To Pay, too: the guitar and organ solos sound like the DP of old. Just as does the short and brilliant guitar—Hammond duel (21st century schizoid Speed King?) in Apr├Ęs Vous, which my favourite song of the set. I am sure that Jon Lord, to whom the album is dedicated, would give his approval.

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