Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Now What?!

by Deep ?urp!e

Back in olden days, Deep Purple Mark II were recording seven-track long albums (that includes Made in Japan and Scandinavian Nights, still seven songs each) and I thought that every single track was great while every album was a masterpiece. Wait. I still think so. But that was in the 1970s. The band has moved on.

In spite of the name, Now What?! is not a bad record. It is just does not glue as an album. Which is a crying shame because it has some damn good material there. Maybe they should have chosen seven best tracks out of eleven? Smokey-bluesy Blood from a Stone, hilariously gothic Vincent Price, eclectic Uncommon Man all definitely should be there. And Hell To Pay, too: the guitar and organ solos sound like the DP of old. Just as does the short and brilliant guitar—Hammond duel (21st century schizoid Speed King?) in Après Vous, which my favourite song of the set. I am sure that Jon Lord, to whom the album is dedicated, would give his approval.

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