Saturday, 11 January 2014

Tango Diary

by Duo Milla Viljamaa & Johanna Juhola
diary text by Elina Lajunen
“It lasts four minutes. It’s a four-minute love story. You don’t have to marry them! In fact, you’d better not”, my tango teacher said when I was pondering on the difficulty of dancing with so many men. I want to find my true love, on and off the dance floor! Four minutes times four, the length of a tanda, four tangos. The first tango sweeps you off your feet. It can feel like a soft, downy pillow or a nerve-wreckingly exciting blind date. You spend those first minutes trying to find the abrazo, the embrace. The second tango seals the connection. Maybe you tuck a stray curl behind your ear or hope the tanda will end soon. The third tango is like a pearl, it can give you wings! Such a sublime experience will leave you with an ecstatic smile on your face. The fourth tango is the last one and it rings with the echo of goodbyes. The story ends, a new one begins. Tango is tactile, ephemeral poetry. There is no past or future, only this moment. “Give it your all, with love”.

The new album by Milla Viljamaa and Johanna Juhola is as great as expected, or even more so. This could be a perfect gift for any tango lover... except you have to find the real thing first. Amazon sells the MP3 album, but you can’t really give that as a gift. The booklet that accompanies the CD contains, surprise, Tango Diary (in Finnish and English), written by Elina Lajunen, “Finnish artist, performer, director, hatmaker, writer and musician”. Read it!

The album begins with Neljän minuutin rakkaus (Four minute love story), but the love story does not end there. Ten tangos. Ten diary entries. Forty-four minute love story.

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