Friday, 23 May 2014

Fortant de France Merlot Rosé 2013

Summer is here at last — according to Weather Underground, we have “extreme high temperature” today (26 °C, feels like 26 °C). Beats Las Palmas (21.5 °C, feels like 24 °C). I don’t quite understand this “feels like” business, but I know that it is the proper weather for a glass of chilled rosé. I feel like one. Unfortunately, we just finished this bottle of Merlot Rosé and there’s no more in the fridge.

I never heard about Fortant de France before, and, indeed, it was the unbearable cuteness of the bottle (butterflies, flowers and a lady in a hat picking the said flowers) that prompted the purchase of this outrageously priced beverage. Which turned out to be rather nice.

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