Wednesday, 28 May 2014


by Tjango!

Another pleasant discovery. I knew Otto Tolonen as a classical guitarist, and quite liked his album of Finnish modern guitar music, Toccata. I certainly did not expect this. Of course, “Tjango” refers to Django Reinhardt, just like Minor by Pasi is a homage to Minor Swing. But I wouldn’t label Tjango! as a “Gypsy jazz” band. Not even as a jazz band. What they play is very original, beautifully nostalgic and at times humorous music. Yes, it comes from Finland, and no, there are no polkas nor tango. Intrigued? So you should be.


  1. Minor by Pasi (Eerikäinen)
  2. Late Autumn Bossa (Leinonen)
  3. Mili (Tolonen)
  4. I’ve Met My Lady (Leinonen)
  5. This Ain’t My Day (Eerikäinen)
  6. Don’t Go (Eerikäinen)
  7. Farewell Song (Leinonen)
  8. When You Are Gone (Leinonen)
  9. It’ll Be Great to See You Again (Leinonen)
    Pasi Eerikäinen: violin
    Antti Leinonen: accordion
    Otto Tolonen: guitar
    Eero Ignatius: double bass

    Laura Airola: mandolin (3, 4, 7) and ukulele (6, 9)
    Markku Veijonsuo: recording, mixing and mastering
    Lina Galrito: graphic design

    Recorded in June 2013 at Varistoteles Studios Helsinki
    Produced by Antti Leinonen, Pasi Eerikäinen and Otto Tolonen

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