Tuesday, 23 June 2015


a film by Hayao Miyazaki

“They smoke a lot in this movie”, observed Timur.

“This is because it reflects reality”, said Tamara.

The Wind Rises was the second Studio Ghibli film Timur wanted to watch with me (the first was From Up on Poppy Hill). Much sadder affair, but luckily not another Grave of the Fireflies (I couldn’t bring myself to watch that movie for the second time). Once again, ample quotes from other Miyazaki works, such as Porco Rosso and Castle in the Sky, which I kind of expected: it wouldn’t be a Miyazaki without air ships, and this is a film about an aircraft designer! Comic relief is provided by Jiro’s vertically challenged boss, Mr. Kurokawa (a male equivalent of Edna Mode, as Tamara noticed, and probably the most memorable character of the movie). And yes, they do smoke a lot.

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