Saturday, 20 February 2016

Vivani organic dark chocolate

by Vivani

A couple of weeks ago we discovered this nice little organic food shop called Zoe Market (Calle Pérez Galdós, 37). I can’t pinpoint what exactly it was prompted us to walk in but I am sure it was not organic food as such. Inside, it is full of wonderful vintage stuff, like Singer sewing machine, aluminium milk pails, 1950s Italian magazines, etc. We chatted for a while with an owner and learned that this is a part of a very small chain called Zoe Food, with two shops in Las Palmas and two shops in Trieste. Ah! Trieste! And so we chatted a little more.

Eventually, we left with a bar of 99% Panama cocoa dark chocolate — did I read it right? I didn’t know these things even exist!

It turned out to be even better (and less bitter) than I expected. You simply can’t get a bar of chocolate chocolatier than this.

More photos of chocolate @ Shutterstock.

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