Saturday, 30 April 2016

Boxer 65

by Trace Elliot

And so I said goodbye to my trusty bass combo. I had the ad at both milanuncios and Vibbo (formerly and better known as, which is hardly surprising as “Vibbo” does not make any sense) for at least half a year. In the end, I sold it for a rather princely sum of €160 to a fellow musician here in Las Palmas. We tried the amp in his studio and he was very impressed with the sound quality as well as its pristine state.

Anyone should be. I myself didn’t believe that its nominal output is only 65 watts. I’d say it goes to eleven delivers at least 80 W. The build quality is equally impressive. Not to mention the famous and unbelievably comfy green carpet covering. I spent many a happy hour a-jammin’ while sittin’ on it in my “stairway to hell” period. But it really had to go. I was not using it since 2009 and, after travelling with us to Fuerteventura and then to Gran Canaria, good old Tracy was just gathering dust. Oh well. We had a fifteen-year ride, mate. I hope it will be put to a good use in the new hands.


Output: 65 W rms / 8Ω
Loudspeaker: Celestion 12" 8Ω
Input impedance: >470 kΩ
Sensitivity: 77 mV rms
Weight: 17 kg
Dimensions: 480×410×290 mm

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