Monday, 11 May 2009

Angel Station

by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

1979 was not a bad year in rock history. Sure, it was the year of The Wall, but also of Down to Earth, In Through the Out Door, London Calling, Lovehunter, Mingus, Mr. Universe, Stormwatch... man, there were some good albums. Back then, Angel Station was the first album of MMEB I ever heard. It was a good old reel tape recorded directly from vinyl. I think the vinyl was warped since Don’t Kill It Carol (the first song on the A side) and Angels At My Gate (the first song on the B side) were jumping a few times during the recording. For me, these jumps became part of the music, so when, ten years later, I bought the original vinyl (made in England!) and heard the songs in their entirety, something did not sound right. Thirty years later, I can live with that. And this is probably the first (English) rock lyrics I learned:

58, 56, 54,
Good angels at my door.
63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58,
Good angels at my gate.

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