Sunday, 31 January 2010


a film by James Cameron

Yesterday, Yuri and I went to see Avatar. Well I never. It may be a highest-grossing film of all time but I can’t help thinking that I was watching an overpriced three-hour long trailer for the 3-D videogame of the same name. I found it astoundingly boring. Jeez, I even fell asleep once. Of course it did not help that the other night I did watch a truly awesome old-school movie, Sherlock Holmes.

Avatar the movie has no acting to mention and is criminally devoid of any sense of humour. If that were not enough to put anyone off, it piles a cliché upon a cliché, with no original idea in sight. It was clear from the start that the only way to defeat American Sky People aggressors is to put a mind of a former Marine into a Blue Cat People body, seat him on a large dragon and give him a Sky People’s machine gun. The Sky People weaponry is apparently modelled on out-of-date Bionicle toys and as such is not as scary as one may think. For instance, the bullet-proof glass in their vehicles is easily pierced by the arrows. True, I enjoyed the dragon flight scenes there, but I’ve already seen Ice Age 3 and that animation was actually funny.

On a positive note, I am glad that Cameron scrapped the sex scene between the two main Blue Cat People, because it would be too painful to watch. (Why, even them kissing was embarrassing.) And I’ve got to keep the 3-D glasses.

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