Thursday, 1 April 2010

Crafter TG-200H Chromatic Tuner

by Crafter

I bought this tuner together with my Parker PM-20 guitar and so far had no reason to complain. The habitat of the “headstock clip tuner” is, rather predictably, the headstock of the said guitar, but it works on pretty much anything you clip it on. I tried it on a trombone bell and even was able to see what its LCD screen was showing. (That I was out of tune, that’s what. Even that was not a big problem since the concert A pitch can be adjusted between 433 and 447 Hz.) It uses one CR2032 coin cell battery which lasted me for about 15 months. You can switch between microphone and piezo sensor; thanks to the latter, I could tune up in a very noisy environment!

Crafter TG200H Headstock Tuner

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