Friday, 23 April 2010

The Season of the Hyaena

by Paul Doherty

If I hadn’t run out of reading on Lanzarote, I would never touch a book named like this. (The other “mysteries” of Paul Doherty have titles such as Corpse Candle, Ghostly Murders and The Field of Blood. Seriously!) It took me a week to read The Season of the Hyaena — and, under circumstances, this was a good thing. Otherwise, I am struggling to say anything else in favour of this humourless novel. Unless mass murders, office politics and, in truly ancient Egyptian style, two-dimensional characters with names like Ay, Huy and Ankhesenamun are your cup of tea, it’s a book to avoid.

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  1. you should have taken one of the star wars books. fascinating read, I kid you not