Thursday, 27 May 2010

Black Jack

by Timur Kulikov

Here’s a story written by Timur for his homework. No, no editing by me or anybody else, and yes, it was meant to be printed on the blood-red background. Reproduced with author’s permission.

Jack lived on the streets as a tramp for 3 years of his life because his parents died in a fire but one day he sneaked onto a ship to try to rob it. Before he got the chance pirates attacked the ship they didn’t kill him but they took him on their ship. He became a good fighter and stole his first jewels a sapphire ring and a ruby ring he put them on. Afterwards he stole a black suit and when he put it on he looked very rich. While attempting to steal a giant emerald he lost his leg. He wore an eye patch and looked fierce with it on. He once ended up fighting 3 people at once and he won. He once boarded a prince’s ship and stole one of the princes jewels. He killed over 1000 people in his life and stole over a billion pounds of treasure. He grew a long beard and never missed a fight. He fought well for his whole life. His most felonious crime was stealing a diamond the size of a football. he would never back down. If a pirate in his ship broke the rules he would be hung or marooned. His ship hoisted a red flag to show they wouldn’t stop fighting no matter what. When Jack’s captain died he took control of the ship his parrot actually attacked his foes by pecking them. This gave him the advantage because the foe would attack the parrot and he could attack the enemy while they were distracted. His most nasty foe was a man named David Green. He managed to knock him off the edge of his ship but David’s crew saved him he regretted it though. He was a pirate almost 2 years longer than Black Beard. He once tried to kill the prince himself. He didn’t succeed but killed many of the prince’s guards he wore a bandanna on his head. And usually forgot to take it off before he went to bed so he often had it on at night. His crew were very loyal and never questioned him in their lives. He was a good shot with his pistol and had skills with his cutlass. He was feared by all foes and to catch him you would get a billion dollars he wasn’t killed but he died of old age.

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