Saturday, 5 June 2010

Koko Kanyinda @ St Paul’s

Yesterday, Timur and I went to see Koko Kanyinda and his band at the St Paul’s Centre. At 9 pm it was practically empty! (Well, Cambridge was unbelievably empty yesterday. Too hot for going out on Friday night?). Perhaps the band was waiting for more people to come, since for half an hour nothing happened. Luckily, there was a short (impromptu) bhangra class. Bhangra is not exactly a Congolese dance style but it was a good fun anyway. And then the band began to play. After the first song, Timur asked: ‘Can we go home now?’

I have convinced him to stay for another half an hour. By the time we left, the hall was half-full and it looked like everybody was finally dancing.

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