Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Place To Be

by Hiromi Uehara

I first heard Hiromi on internet radio about two years ago and was completely blown away. (It was one of the tunes from Brain.) I got a few more Hiromi records for my birthday, so brace yourself.

On Place To Be, Hiromi once again proves to be a goddess of jazz piano. Unadulterated solo piano, that is. Here’s one jazz pianist who is not afraid to be as virtuosic as she pleases without being arrogant or annoying. But her music is much more than a sheer display of virtuosity. It has intelligence, humour, joy, abandon: everything jazz is supposed to be all about. Listen to the boogie-woogie of Choux à la crème, crazy bebop of Bern Baby Bern or playful quasi-Baroque of Pachelbel’s Canon and you’ll see what I mean. A Place To Be? Any place where Hiromi plays.

Place to Be

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