Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lost Girls and Love Hotels

by Catherine Hanrahan

Margaret and her friend Ines, seriously messed-up but instantly likeable gaijin girls.
Kazu, a well-read “gangster or something. Very dangerous”.
And, of course, love hotels.

If it took me about a week to finish Lost Girls and Love Hotels, it is only because I was reading it every night between 1:30 am and 2 am. It is fast, raw, often hilarious and at times disturbing. It is extremely well-written. It leaves you wanting for more.

“What do you look for?” Kazu asks. His cheeks are two perfect circles of red.
What do I look for? Calm. Home. Good coffee. Happiness. Oral sex. Oblivion.
“Fiction,” I say. “Something dark.”
“Can I suggest?”
Abe Kobo no Woman and Sand.”
Woman and Sand?”
“Story is a man is prisoner in the sand hole with the woman. He is digging every day by force. Digging, digging. He must dig or the hole will fill up. He tries to escape and can't escape. Hates the woman, then loves the woman.”
“So what happens?”
“He can escape, but finally he stays in the sand hole. Digging.”
“He stays for love?” I moan.
“No, for digging.”

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