Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Black & White

by Нино Катамадзе & Insight

Now I know: Suliko is a bossa nova. Why didn’t I think about that myself?

My brother sent me these CDs last month as a gift. Until that, I never heard (about) the Georgian jazz-rock singer Nino Katamadze. On White, she is accompanied by Gocha Kacheishvili (guitar) and Ucha Gugunava (bass). On Black, they are joined by David Abuladze (drums and percussion). Both albums were recorded in 2006; the difference between the two records is striking. White is soft, chill-outey electronica. Black is hard, aggressive rock. (Compare the “black” and “white” versions of I Came, I Will Come As a Snow and Olei and you’ll see what I mean.) That’s why they complement each other perfectly.

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