Saturday, 12 March 2011

Orgasms for Two: The Joy of Partnersex

by Betty Dodson

Betty Dodson is a sex-positive feminist. Instead of focusing on gender equality, she embraces sex diversity. She’s got her Ph.D. in sexology for research that she modestly calls “working in the field” (as opposed to questionnaire-based “research” media presents us every day). She left behind romantic heterosexual love, a failed marriage, group sex, adventures in lesbian and bisexual SM community only to embark, at the grand young age of sixty-nine, on a sizzling love affair with a boy in his twenties. But what about masturbation, I hear you asking. Fear not, it is not forgotten. Quite the reverse: Ms Dodson shows us the many ways of incorporating it into, or rather, making it central in the experience of partnersex — absolutely guilt-free. Separate chapters are devoted to sex toys, anal eroticism and sex for older lovers.

Not exactly sequel to Sex for One but a self-sufficient book. True, it does repeat the relevant bits of the former. But it is because they are worth reiterating. Unlike Sex for One, it features pen and ink drawings. Just like Sex for One, it is a fun and often hilarious read.

This is not a book about how to get a man, how to keep him, or how to get rid of him or kill him after the relationship is over.
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Towards the end of the last year we were married he came home one night and announced he was taking up golf. I blurted out: “That’s good, because I’m taking up sex.”
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Freud and Reich never got to read the Kinsey report, which put America’s national average time of thrusting with full erection after penetration at two and half minutes. That’s barely enough time to get me interested in sex, let alone have an orgasm.
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Most young women today are getting their sex misinformation from women’s magazines, in articles written by young, sexually inexperienced writers who get their information from experts who are basically talking about what they have read in books or tested with a Ph.D. thesis that relied on a questionnaire.
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Just when I thought the clitoris had been reinstated, men and women started digging around inside vaginas searching for some magic spot.
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Kim has a marvelous sense of humor. She can squirt anywhere, anytime, and loves doing it. While I badger her about peeing on my rug, she laughs and tells me I’m jealous.
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Group sex could easily take a whole chapter, but I’m saving all those delectable details for my memoir.

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