Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So long, just some words

As I wrote somewhere else, last year I started yet another blog called just some words. You see, I wanted to have a non-Blogger blog. But why Maneno? First, Maneno is multi-lingual, and I want to have an option to publish in more than one language. Second, Maneno is African.

It allows those with limited or narrow-bandwidth internet to use a system that is lightweight and straightforward in functionality.
I thought, I will need this when I move to Africa! Last but not least: “maneno” means “words” in Swahili, and just some words is all about words. From different languages.

To my big disappointment, Maneno stopped hosting blogs. Fair enough, they gave an advance warning last Summer. And this very morning, I received an XML dump of justsomewords. I was able to recreate it at sólo algunas palabras ( was already taken). So much for getting away from a major blogging platform.

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