Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving

by Betty Dodson

If that was not clear from the title and subtitle, this book is dedicated to masturbation. Which is a hugely fascinating topic on its own. However, Betty Dodson — an artist, sex enthusiast and a very brave woman — manages to cover, in one slim volume, much more than “just” masturbation. This book is about loving your body. This book is also about liberation from the stereotypes, from the traditional gender roles, from the myth of romantic love forever. It is also about not being ashamed of your fantasies; about not feeling guilty of pleasure; about being honest. It is about having fun. (Which includes having an orgasm when and how you want it, but also, importantly, giving it a miss when you don’t want it.)

Sex for One is not an impersonal masturbation manual. It is very much personal, sometimes to uncomfortable degree. You don’t have to agree with everything Dr Dodson says to enjoy the book. It is written with a great sense of humour. It has tasteful pencil drawings. And you will never look at the heart symbol ♡ with the same eyes again.

The best way to keep a population docile and easy to manipulate is to prohibit masturbation, insist on marriage and monogamy, withhold sex information and birth control, criminalize abortion and prostitution, condemn homosexuality, censor sexually explicit entertainment, and deny the existence of sexual diversity. With a list like that, we’re all sexual sinners.
♡ ♥ ♡
It’s only one woman’s dream, but I believe when more men can really worship their phallus, guns and MX missiles will become obsolete.
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I can hear the Romantic Feminist Matriarchy screaming, “That’s disgusting! She thinks an orgasm is like taking a dump.” And I’d answer, “A lot of orgasms aren’t nearly so satisfying.”
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Once I realized that masturbation was an active form of meditation, I thought, Hallelujah❣ Now everyone will want to meditate.
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Cordless wands are delightful to take out on the sun deck or pack in a picnic basket to take onto a deserted beach. Or bring one along in the car in case you get stuck in traffic. No one will know why you look so happy unless one of these big trucks pulls up alongside.
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Having an orgasm with a new fantasy is every bit as good as having sex with a new lover. Some times it’s even hotter. People can be so unpredictable, but I can always count on myself.

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  1. And a new fantasy is SO much less a risky money pit (the ONLY hole you're getting)than dating!