Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Rivers and Tides

a film by Thomas Riedelsheimer
I don’t think Earth needs me at all. But I do need it.
Andy Goldsworthy

I have a couple of books by Andy Goldsworthy. They are great to peruse at your leisure. (They are great, full stop.) What is missing from the books, however, is the sense of time. Whether it is his ephemeral creations (the icicle sculpture which is meant to last only a few hours) or more permanent constructions (the seasonal changes around his trademark cairns), Goldsworthy is always working with time. Well, that is what this film’s subtitle says.

Even so, this documentary offers more than just one extra dimension to the artist’s work. The beautiful photography captures his working environment — that is, nature; his techniques (Goldsworthy often uses no tools but his bare hands and teeth); him watching his sculptures fall down and starting anew. He does not seem to be concerned with his works outlasting him. Which makes it all more important to appreciate the artist in his lifetime, don’t you think?

Among other things, this film introduced me to the music of Fred Frith.

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