Monday, 6 December 2010

Alternative flags of Fuerteventura

The very day I made a photo of an ideal location for reading Lolita, it occurred to me that what I saw around me looked like a flag of the place where I want to live. (A few months before that, I came to the conclusion that Fuerteventura is the place I want to live.) But the flag of Fuerteventura (unofficial anyway) looks nothing like it. See for yourself:

From top to bottom: sky, sea, sand. Now tell me that it does not look like this:

Flag A: a view from the shore

Then I went for a swim and, turning toward the land, discovered an alternative view. (Next time I will take my waterproof, sort of, camera and make a photo.) From top to bottom: sky, sand, sea.

Flag B: a view from the sea

So simple. And yet it does not look like there is a national flag like either A or B. Well, not among the sovereign-state flags anyway. The closest (colour-wise) flag is that of Gabon, which looks just like my flag B upside-down. That, of course, is how you’d see Fuerteventura while performing a surf flip. Or simply swimming on your back, head toward the land.

Flag of Gabon

More photos of Fuerteventura @ Shutterstock.

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