Monday, 20 December 2010


by The Mighty Zulu Nation in coalition with Aki Nawaz

I first heard The Mighty Zulu Nation six years ago, thanks (again) to the Songlines magazine. MZN were introduced in their Top of the World review as “the dozen-strong choir from Durban”, and the covermount CD had a track that blew my mind: Mdavu The Man.

mdavu bakubiza umbombela
isitimela samalahle
Eh? Eh? How was that? I bought the album immediately and must have listened to it at least one hundred times, last time just couple days ago. Mdavu The Man remains one of my favourite songs there, together with Ebumnadini and Shobana. But it was not until I started on this post when I discovered that MZN are based in Huddersfield. Hooray for Yorkshire!


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