Friday, 10 December 2010


by Zaz

I, for once, want to say something good about Ryanair. And what is that? They have really informative flight magazine. (Unfortunately, nowadays you have to ask them to hand you one. And then they have a cheek to collect them back. Doesn’t it say “Your Free Copy” on the cover?) Last time I was flying with them, I read a feature about Paris. And there (wait, let me consult my free copy... here: Ryanair Magazine 2010, issue 44, page 55), in section “On the Ground”, they recommend Zaz, the album by Zaz (never heard of her before), “the 21st century’s Piaf”, as one of five things one must buy in Paris. No offence but the other four did not excite me at all.

When back to reliable internet connection, I went to check this album on the web. Wow. (Or should I say, Ouah?) It is wonderfully upbeat and happy album. My favourites, for now, are Dans Ma Rue, Le Long De La Route, Les Passants and Ni Oui Ni Non but there are no dull songs at all. And, with all due respect to the French cultural icon, I daresay Zaz sings better than Piaf.

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